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In addition to the category-specific criteria, the judges will be looking for the following from submissions:

  • Innovation, Imagination and Ambition
  • Evidence of a clear strategy for the project / policy, clearly communicated to staff and other stakeholders
  • Evidence of good management
  • Value for money
  • Supporting evidence that the project / policy has made a difference to customer services.
  • Evidence it has achieved or is well on the way to achieving what it set out to do
  • If you are making different entries under several different categories, please indicate this and complete an entry for each.
  • Each application needs to specifically address the criteria for each individual category.
  • The same project can be entered in different categories but a separate submission must be set for each one, gearing towards the category it is entered into.
  • Public sector organisations can still enter multiple submissions for the same category with different projects, should they so choose.
  • Entries are scored using the published critera for each category in addition to the general criteria below.
  • These criteria are used to generate a shortlist of finalists.



Management and Culture Project of the Year

To reward a project that has achieved sustainable results, by overcoming a cultural resistance to change. It will have demonstrated top-down leadership and accountability through consultation, and achieved ownership and commitment with team working and collaboration.

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Data and Information Security Project of the Year

This award is to recognise a successful data strategy that balances the integrity, confidentiality and transfer of data in a project with proven efficiency savings. This category also recognises organisations with a robust security strategy which can react to and defeat changing threat scenarios faced by the public sector in their pursuit of going paperless.


Process and Workflow Project of the Year

This award celebrates a project that has demonstrated the dramatic improvement of customer service, efficiency and operational costs. The project will display evidence of reducing risk by Test / Learn / Adapt processes.


Best Use of E-Forms

Recognition of innovative use of E-forms, especially for online services, including:

  • General administration and use leading to automatic integrated digital record
  • Use of digital signatures to authenticate identity for form’s author
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Big Data Project of the Year

Big data systems should be able to cope with increasingly large flows of data, both structured and unstructured. Paperless systems and processes must provide quick, transparent and effective analytics to support better decision-making.


Most Flexible Digital System of the Year

To reward a system that has demonstrated that digital systems can offer enhanced flexibility and improved services with secure access and data protection, especially for remote sites or lone workers, with omni-channel access to online digital services.


RPA and AI Project of the Year

This will recognise the increasing role Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence are playing in transforming routine administration and service delivery. The successful application will demonstrate efficient automation of processes/services and be user-friendly.


Best Customer Experience

Recognition of improved customer service by:

  • Increased use of online self-service coupled with better use of email, SMS messaging and social media
  • Provided omni-channel access to online digital services
  • Use of e-forms, digital voice recording and transcription, online consultations
  • Demonstrated that increased online interactions have allowed staff reallocation to difficult queries or revenue generation

Best Digital Document Management

This award recognises the achievements of an organisation who has successfully implemented a digital document management system resulting in better administration and efficiency. The judges are looking for evidence of a system that provides improved access, security and achievement of better business continuity and handling of data.


Paperlite Project of the Year

To reward a project that has successfully led towards a paperlite environment, especially within procurement, accounts payable and e-invoicing. This will include use of digital signatures and e-procurement to minimise printing, postage and consequent costs and delays.


Best Small-Scale Digital Application / Project

This award is designed to reward small scale applications that produce cost and service benefits. The development has been mainly achieving in-house and/or on a shoe-string budget.


Best Use of a Digital Solution (Technology Partner Award)

Clear demonstration that the service needs of the public sector client have driven the technology design and choice. Evidence of a superior service being achieved with multi-channel options to ensure good accessibility and inclusivity for non-digital users.


Efficiency Savings Project of the Year

To reward a project that has shown evidence that efficiency savings are not at the expense of customer service. With evidence of resource savings in terms of: reallocation of space and document store; re-allocation of staff; less paper bought; less going to waste; reduced print costs; reduced postage costs; faster service.


Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award looks to celebrate a team leader or member who has shown dedication and significant contribution towards the transformation of going paperless. You may nominate a colleague if you feel they deserve recognition for what they have helped to achieve.


Going Paperless Project of the Year

This award celebrates a project that has demonstrated outstanding progress towards becoming a paperless operation. Projects will be automatically placed into this category if it has shown substantial progress in several areas such as effective management and culture, significant efficiency savings and innovative use of E-Forms. If you feel, however, that a nomination deserves to elected for the Going Paperless Project of the Year, please state why at the end of the nomination.

Entry Deadline

Extended until
16 / 02 / 18

Shortlist Finalists Announced

29 / 03 / 18

Awards Date

19 / 07 / 18